Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do You Know?

I have debated for a period of time what my first post would be. My thoughts keep coming back to this. So here it goes--

Two or three months ago, I decided to see how many women could name the eight items (without looking) from Titus 2: 3-5 that we, as Christian women, are suppose to teach the younger women and why God said we should teach these things. Surprisingly, I found only one woman that could name them. Of all the Christian women I know, only ONE. Many did not even respond. Realizing this, I challenged those I came in contact with to write these things on their hearts. If we don't know them, we will miss opportunities to teach the younger women.

So now I ask DO YOU KNOW? Do you know, without looking, the eight items (KJV) in Titus 2:3-5 that you, as a Christian woman, are responsible for teaching younger women who are not spiritually mature? Also, DO YOU KNOW why God says we are to teach these things? Even if you do not know all eight, please list the ones you do know. It is very interesting finding out what people think God put in these scriptures. If you don't know them, after answering, I challenge you to look up the answer because someday, out of the blue, I will ask again to see who has wrote them in their hearts.
Have a blessed day in the Lord, Laura


  1. Ok, I have to admit I don't know what it says exactly, but I do remember reading through that and similar scriptures. I think it mentions something about teaching women to love their children, to love their husbands, and how to love God. Also, to be sober minded.

  2. So...I learned this in GMA's like 6 years ago, but I learned it in the NLT version...so here goes nothing off memory
    1: not to slander othere
    2: not to be heavy drinkers
    3: teach others what is good/great
    4: love your husband
    5: love your children
    6: be wise/or live wise
    7: be pure
    8: work in your home to do good and be submissive

    I am not exact of the reason for this but I would say to bring Glory to our Lord and and not be shameful...
    I am not sure if I am close, I probably should have broke out my GMA book before doing this. You said I couldn't use a Bible, not a GMA book. ha ha lol!! I know I do not live by this in my marriage or daily life, So I pray these words will stick with me, Thanks Laura for your advice, and examples that you give...might not always look like I pay attention BUT I do, and really appreciate it! loves ~Mandy~

  3. Very good first post ! I actually read that passage a few days ago. From what I remember it would be to love their husbands and children, to keep the home, to be pure, submission to their husbands and self controlled. This is all I can remember. Ill go look up the other two now.

    .... Amanda