Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Third Eye Is Popping Out

Twelve years ago when I quit teaching to be a stay-home mom more than a few people thought we were crazy.  We have NEVER regretted our decision for me to be a stay-home mom but I learned that we grew the beginning of what are know the kind like are in the book "Where the Wild Things Are."   Then we did something even crazier....we started homeschooling.  Next thing we know our horns are full longer little nubs.  LOL.  In twelve years, we have had five kids, started homesteading, and purchased a milk cow among other things.  During this time we developed wild hair, big ears, and extra arms and legs. 

Some of you will not even have a clue as to what I mean by all of that.  However, others will totally understand.  When you live outside of what most consider normal, people look at you like you have horns and resemble something close to a wild thing.  Most of the time it is alot of fun, the more we talk about all the things we do the crazier the looks get.

Whelp!!!  I think I am about to develop that third eye that has been waiting to pop out.  Along with it, I have a prayer request too!  Those that are closest to me and know me, will not find this off the wall.  In fact, they will not even be surprised.  After prayer and discussions with Petie, we have decided that I should  pursue my desire to become a midwife.  This is something that I have spoken of many times over the past several years and am excited.  Several doors have opened and I have peace.

Why would someone even think about being a midwife?  Everything I have learned the past few years about herbs and essential oils for medicinal uses has been to take responsibility for our own health.  Not to have a blind reliance on everything that is put out there to cure this and that.  This desire is along the same lines.  I have a strong belief that someday we will need as much knowledge as the Lord is willing to give to take care of our families....this includes delivering babies.  

Now for my prayer request.  Next week I will be visiting with a midwife.  I do not want to waste my time or her time if this is not the Lord's will.  If it is not the Lord's will, please pray that I will know it immediately and there will no longer be peace about it.  Like I said before, so far I have a peace

So next time you see this homeschooling, homesteading, denim skirt-bonnet wearin' momma with my third eye fully will know why!